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Hille Classic Polyside


The Affinity chair range is perfect for schools looking for a durable attractive product at an affordable price.


Over the years Hille had the good fortune to work with many designers including Michael Dye, Fred Scott and Peter Murdoch to name a few. But it was Robin Day’s designs that really defined the success of Hille in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Firstly in the 1950s with the Hille Stak wooden chair and then in 1963 saw the launch of the groundbreaking Polyside, as Day and Hille recognised the desire for a more durable and affordable alternative to the wooden chairs that had dominated before it. Instantly recognisable by its elegant frame, its form and poise sets it apart from any chair design that subsequently followed

Product Codes:

Code    Seat height

PCC     440mm


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