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Odyssey Rectangular Panel End Desk


Odyssey Panel End Rectangular Desk


Odyssey is the panel end alternative to traditional cantilever leg desking. It has all the attributes but gives the feel of a more executive option at a competitive price. Cutback legs can be added between configurations to make them less restrictive. Cable Management trays and links complete the offering.

Product Codes:

800mm Deep

OVDU8X W800 x D800 x H725mm

OVDU10X W1000 x D800 x H725mm

OVDU12X W1200 x D800 x H725mm

OVDU14X W1400 x D800 x H725mm

OVDU16X W1600 x D800 x H725mm

OVDU18X W1800 x D800 x H725mm

600m Deep

OVDU8-6X W800 x D600 x H725mm

OVDU10-6X W1000 x D600 x H725mm

OVDU12-6X W1200 x D600 x H725mm

OVDU14-6X W1400 x D600 x H725mm

OVDU16-6X W1600 x D600 x H725mm

OVDU18-6X W1800 x D600 x H725mm


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