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Postura + Reverse Cantilever


Millions of students all over the world use KI’s iconic Postura+ range every day.

Only If Seat Pad Required


Superior ergonomics with enhanced movement. The ergonomic design of the Postura+ seat shell is coupled with the practicality of a reverse cantilever base. Suited to a variety of applications, this chair maintains complete design cohesion with the rest of the Postura+ seating collection. Offering enhanced movement during seated periods, the chairs are light, stain resistant, anti static and easy to clean. Easy to perch on table tops at the end of the day to facilitate easy floor cleaning, they also stack to 4 high.


  • High impact resistant polypropylene shell
  • Perfect ergonomics with a waterfall seat edge
  • 22.22mm x 2.5mm tubular steel base in Grey
  • BS EN 1729 Part 2, BS 5852 (Crib5) certified
  • 16 polypropylene colours
  • Made in the UK
  • 20 year warranty*



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